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The iconic mythology of ancient Norse culture describes the glorious Goddess Sif, wife to the thunder god Thor, and beloved patroness of earth's bountiful harvest. Her radiant hair of shining gold so illuminated the ethos that it was said to serve as a font of enchantment for the gifts of peace, abundance, and nourishment that sustained and enriched all life.

Legend describes that Sif fell prey to a malicious prank, and her magnificent locks were shorn as she slept. Thor, enraged and filled with the spirit of vangeance, was persuaded to show mercy to the culprit only if he divined a way to make amends to Sif and restore her splendor. Reparation was achieved in the form of shimmering hairpiece that was spun from the finest gold by the hands of wizards. When the goddess adorned herself with the golden hairpiece. It glowed with the vibrancy of authenticity and became indistinguishable from her own natural, growing hair.



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Call us now toll free 1-844-SIF-HAIR(1-844-743-4247)

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